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Parent’s Testimonials

“Thank you very much for making the children think ‘beyond’, for helping them to live out their dreams and most importantly helping them to believe in them. Please extend the number of days for your workshop.” – Shaleen joseph (Mother of Kaizen Joseph) – Don Bosco School, Borivali


“RoboWizards classes were exceptional which taught the children how to make a robot. It was a way to introduce the children with the basics of robotics in an interactive manner. I am thankful to have participated in this program. Keep it up.” – Mr. Bhalekar (Grandfather of Rhea Bhalekar)- Don Bosco School, Borivali


“We highly appreciate the engineering concepts bringing into young minds and blood right from the childhood and made it easy by “learn and fun way. Looking forward for the next level.” – Mrs. Shah (Parent of Diya P. Shah) –Don Bosco School, Borivali


“Very good and informatic sessions. Children enjoyed the camp . First time Aryan learnt how to make robots by using programming. It will help him in the future.We are very happy to send him in this camp.” – Mrs. Rupali Chemburkar.
(Parent of Aryan Chemburkar) – Don Bosco School, Borivali


“Sanvinda enjoyed learning new concept of robotics & she looks forward to go for the next level.” – Deep Gokhale (Father of Sanvida Gokhale) –Don Bosco School, Borivali


“It was a wonderful experience. He loved it a lot.” – Mr. Manoj Roy  (Parent of Aryan Roy) – Don Bosco School, Borivali


“My son enjoyed the sessions very much. He is always looking forward to the next session as he found it very interesting.Looking forward for the next levels.” – Mrs. Varsha Bothra (Parent of Vedant Bothra) – Don Bosco School, Borivali


“Course content is very well designed and helps develop interest.” – Mr.Vinod Nair (Parent of Nishant Nair)- St. John’s Universal High School, Goregaon


“We are the Parents of Niranjan Wagh. From this class he got technical knowledge and he is curious about the further class. So my son would like to join next class.” – Mr. Wagh (Parent of Niranjan Wagh)- St. John’s Universal High School, Goregaon


“Bennet enjoyed himself all through the course. He would like to continue to the next level. Kindly keep us informed about details for the next level.” – Mrs.Theresa Menzes (Parent of Bennet Menzes)- St. John’s Universal High School, Goregaon


“Excellent program. Thoruoghly enjoyed it. Not only robotics but team building skills have been taught.Looking forward to join further advanced courses too.” – Dr. Sonali Honrao (Parent of Prutha Honrao)- St. John’s Universal High School, Goregaon


“He wants to continue it. I have seen changes in him, he is building more things than earlier.” – Mrs. Bina Bhanushali (Parent of Harsh Bhanushali) St. John’s Universal High School, Goregaon


“This workshop was brilliant!!” – Parent of Natansh Rajgor – St. John’s Universal High School, Goregaon


“Excellent teachers, co-ordinating hte children. The children have got an idea about programming and logical way of going with gadgets. Hope will help them in their future.” – Parent of V. Sri Shiva Harshini – Universal High School, Ghatkopar


“Overall, it is good experience and happy with the classes conducted.” – Parent of Mihir Shah – Universal High School, Ghatkopar


“Wolud really love and appreciate if you start with the classes on regular basis as my child is loving the class.” – Parent of Ruchit Sheth – Universal High School, Ghatkopar


“Thank you so much for making my child acquinted with technology in a manner he understands.” – Aditi Anand Sawant (Parent of Adwait Anand Sawant) Universal High School, Dahisar.


“The workshop was well organized and the workshop activities and teachers were excellent.” – NavinKumar Mishra (Father of Pratham Mishra)- Universal High School, Dahisar.


“”He enjoyed the session a lot and we are willing for long term course to enroll him. Thanks for the awesome experience given so far.” – Parent of Suyash Wasnik – Universal High School, Dahisar.


“”Children really enjoyed a lot and it was a new learning for them.” Parent of Samarth Pai – Universal High School, Dahisar.


“”Avanish has enjoyed the workshop very much and is excited to do more other additional activities.” Parent of Avanish Kadam – Universal High School, Dahisar.


“Dhiann loves this class and always looks forward for it !! We are joining the next class for sure !! Thank you !” – Parent of Dhiann Shah – Jamnabai Narsee School


“Very Satisfied!! A big thank you for helping us to move ahead from here to take up more on a higher level!!” – Parent of Dheer Panjwani – Jamnabai Narsee School


“It was a beautiful experience for Nick and for me too, as after coming back from the class he always had so many things to teach me ! Thank you very much. Keep it up :)” – Parent of Nick Ghosh – Jamnabai Narsee School


“Thank you my daughter really liked the course, try not keep the class on weekend as lot of classes get missed. But EXCELLENT EFFORTS. Keep it up! Looking forward !” – Parent of Rudranshi Majmudar – Jamnabai Narsee School


“Medansh was very happy with the workshop. He has shown great interest and wants to continue it.” – Parent of Medhansh Shetty – Rustomjee International School, Virar


“He is very interested in Robowizards and he wants to continue it.” – Ruchir Davaria – Rustomjee International School, Virar


“Well-organised, hence do include in regular curriculum of our school. Enhancing the power of knowledge and practical orientation of science fundamentals.” – Rishi Mishra – Rustomjee International School, Virar


“An excellent workshop which enhances the mental abilities of the child. Thank you so much.” – Neev Jalan – Rustomjee International School, Virar


“It was a superb workshop for I learnt something new.” Parent of Jai Patel – Universal High School, Malad


“Excellent workshop” – Parent of Anirudha Das – Universal High School, Thane


“Siddhanth enjoyed the class and was speaking highly about it” – Parent of Siddhanth Methil – Universal High School Thane

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